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Heritage Open Day 2016

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Festival of Crafts logo colour

We are delighted to be holding the ‘Ramsey Festival of Crafts’ on Saturday 24th September 2016. There will be a craft market in the town and on Sunday 25th September there will be the usual craft and other stall holders at the Ramsey Rural Museum Plough Day.

To book a stall for Saturday or for further information contact

To book a stall for Sunday contact Ramsey Rural Museum.

If you book for both days there is free pitches for camping/caravans overnight at Ramsey Rural Museum.



IMG_20160514_131210Promoting Ramsey

In April 2015 Ramsey Million Partnership commissioned Cambridgeshire ACRE to run a project to raise the profile of Ramsey Parish. Ramsey has many historical and natural attractions as well as a wide selection of independent retailers. This project aims to bring visitors into our area as well as encouraging local people to have pride in their town and the surrounding villages and Fen landscape.

Discover Ramsey Website

In November 2015 the Discover Ramsey Website was launched.

The Ramsey Brand

Brand leaflet

An open letter from Ann Cuthbert, Promotions Officer for Ramsey

Dear Ramsey Parish

We are very happy to be able to release the “Ramsey – Open for Discovery” logo for use.

It was designed to be used by as many organisations, heritage groups, clubs, schools and businesses as possible and so is extremely flexible. There are six colourways to choose from (including black on white, and white on black) and you can even use it over a colour-washed photograph.


Below are examples of the logo used in three of the colours with different images – the photograph or image used can be one of your own choosing. It could be from your own stock of images or we could help you by sharing our photograph library of Ramsey and the surrounding area.

The logo can be used on your printed material, signage, websites etc. and I would be available to help with its application should you wish. If you would like the jpeg of the logo please contact me.

The Promoting Ramsey Project is hoping that using the logo  will both enhance your communications and create a more cohesive brand for Ramsey so that we can promote the area and it’s attractions further afield.

Please contact me at the Neighbourhood Office for the “easy to follow” guidelines on the correct usage and colours of the logo.

Yours sincerely

Ann Cuthbert

Promotions Officer, Promoting Ramsey