Community Indoor Space

Following our community consultation there appeared to be a need for additional ‘indoor space’ for certain activities/groups. These included…

  • A central social/drop-in space for young people
  • A central social/drop-in space for families with young children
  • Groups requiring permanent bases (not space they have to hire by the hour)
  • Equipment storage

Since the consultation other groups have come forward with ideas such as a Business Hub and space for children/people with additional needs or disabilities.

In response to this Ramsey Million Partnership decided to bring together key organisations to look into the use of community spaces in Ramsey Parish. Two major actions came from this collaboration. Firstly to create a directory of available community spaces (see link below).

Buildings in Ramsey – 26.07.16

Buildings for Community Use  Booklet

The second action was to commission independent consultants to assess if there really is a genuine need or whether by making some adjustments space could be found/utilised within existing buildings. Ramsey Million Partnership are committed to spending money wisely and will not invest large sums of money in additional community space unless absolutely necessary. Therefore this study will help determine the way forward. Updated information/results will be posted as soon as available.