Ramsey Million Big Local

Consultation 2018 Poster

Click on link below for our short printable consultation survey.
Or you can visit http://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RMP_Consultation_2018 
We also want to know what you think about our plans for a new indoor community space for Ramsey. Go to our Community Indoor Space page for more details.

Ramsey is a rural market town situated on the edge of the fens. Approximately 9,000 people live in the town and surrounding villages. The opportunities in this location are staggering; the area has a wealth of heritage, culture and wildlife. Added to this the community spirit among some local people and you have the ingredients for a thriving future, if it is harnessed.People in the town are now starting to believe that their views and ideas for the future are being listened to and that Big Local, known locally as Ramsey Million is the start of exciting times ahead.

The Ramsey Million partnership has been officially endorsed by Local Trust. The group made up of 10 people locally and 5 advisers has worked really hard developing their policies and procedures – one of the important steps to enable the million to be released.

Our second Big Local plan is well underway. The Big Local process and the opportunities it creates continue to excite people and it really is injecting positivity into the community. There’s still a lot of hard work ahead to achieve the long term vision but we’re getting there gradually, step by step along the pathway!

Ramsey Million Community Plan 2016-19

For our condensed plan for 2016-19 click on the link below.
For the 2016-19 full plan click on the link below.
Fold out plan 2016 front cover