Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust has unfortunately taken the decision to cancel, or postpone, the majority of our activities until the government advice changes. We will keep the situation under review and any future decisions made will be in line with government and Public Health England directives.
If you need support, or can offer help to others, please visit  https://ramseyneighbourhoodstrust.org/job-search-ramsey-2/ for further details.
However, for the safety of our staff, volunteers and other residents, please do not
offer if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.
Any updates will be posted on our Facebook pages.
Many thanks for you understanding in this matter.

Ramsey is a rural market town situated on the edge of the fens. Approximately 9,000 people live in the town and surrounding villages. The opportunities in this location are staggering; the area has a wealth of heritage, culture and wildlife. Added to this the community spirit among some local people and you have the ingredients for a thriving future, if it is harnessed.People in the town are now starting to believe that their views and ideas for the future are being listened to and that Big Local, known locally as Ramsey Million is the start of exciting times ahead.

The Ramsey Million partnership has been officially endorsed by Local Trust. The group made up of 10 people locally and 5 advisers has worked really hard developing their policies and procedures – one of the important steps to enable the million to be released.

Our third Big Local plan is underway. The Big Local process and the opportunities it creates continue to excite people and it really is injecting positivity into the community. There’s still a lot of hard work ahead to achieve the long term vision but we’re getting there gradually, step by step along the pathway!

Ramsey Million Community Plan 2019-23

New Chair Picture

Here’s new Ramsey Million Partnership Chair Gill Rayment, with previous Chair Jane Sills, launching our next community plan.
To read the plan click on the link below. 

Final 2019-23 RMP Community Plan



Fold out plan 2019-23 Print

Ramsey Million Community Plan 2016-19

For our condensed plan for 2016-19 click on the link below.
For the 2016-19 full plan click on the link below.
Fold out plan 2016 front cover



See more at: http://localtrust.org.uk/get-involved/big-local/ramsey


Micro- Grant Applications

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Working Together on Transport Services

PetitionRamsey Million Partnership are fully aware of the concerns of local people regarding public transport and worked with our Town, District and County Councillors to collect over 1,000 signatures on the petition that was sent to Cambridgeshire County Council, prior to the temporary reprieve for the number 30 bus last year.
Responsibility for the provision of public transport is transferring to  the Combined Authority therefore, Ramsey Million Partnership thought it was important to provide expert, independent evidence to the authorities forthcoming consultation.To that aim Andrew Allen, from ‘The Campaign for Better Transport’, was contracted to produce a report about transport provision in Ramsey Parish.The key findings are summarised below:

  • Parts of Ramsey rank poorly in terms of education and skills falling in the 10% worst performing small areas in the country. Better transport is needed to tackle economic weakness and social isolation.
  • Ramsey’s public transport is very poor when compared to other parts of the county and to other places of a similar size. It is characterised by sporadic services patterns, slow journey times, disjointed planning and integration and expensive ticket prices.
  • Across peak, day time and weekend services, Ramsey offers less than 25% of bus service levels compared to similar sized towns in South Cambridgeshire. Evening services are virtually non-existent.
  • Saturday services are 80% below those of similar south Cambridgeshire towns and 50% less than similar Lincolnshire towns. There are no services at all on a Sunday.
  • The level of subsidy of current routes is much lower than for some other parts of the County. Two Ramsey services receive a per passenger subsidy of £3.53 and £1.41 compared to as much as £30 for routes elsewhere.
  • Other services are provided by a volunteer car driver scheme, Ramsey Community Transport, who offer a door to door service for community groups and run three routes, each once per week and HACT who offer a demand responsive service.
  • The Combined Authority’s objectives for transport fit well with the Ramsey area’s needs focusing on better connectivity, improving journey times and increased modal choice. Spending is however strongly focused on capital projects and no Ramsey projects have yet been identified for support.
  • The current Combined Authority strategic bus review and Ramsey                      Market Town Masterplan (timescale not yet identified) provide the potential to greatly improve Ramsey’s transport offer but it is crucial that Ramsey and                  surrounding area’s situation is considered by these studies.

To read the full report click on the link below.